The Southern California Gladiators is owned and operated by RCG incorporated. RCG incorporated, is a new sports company specializing in minor league team ownership, athletic apparel and athletic merchandise, founded by Greg Gray, Rick Jenkins and Christopher Lynch. The Southern California Gladiators participate in the National Developmental Professional Football League. The 2015 football season will be the sixth year of business for the Gladiator organization. In this participation the Gladiators organization will devote considerable time and effort towards the growth and development of the NDPFL, the Gladiators organization and the community. The Gladiators organization intend on becoming a part of the local Chamber of Commerce to increase the awareness of our team with city and county officials. The Gladiators take a very active role in the community through our recruitment efforts and creating business partnerships. Through these efforts the Gladiators football organization believe awareness of semi professional/ minor league football will be brought to not only our team but the entire NDPFL.

The Southern California Gladiators football organization, its staff as well as its players understand image and brand are very important. The first goal of the Gladiators is to always maintain a high quality business organization which uplifts the image of minor league football as a whole. The Gladiators also feel the key to success is to establish a well-disciplined team led by an organized and professional staff. Everyone under the Gladiators umbrella will be committed to carrying themselves with an extremely high standard in regards to conduct. The Gladiators will not tolerate anyone under this umbrella to tarnish the image of either the NDPFL or the Southern California Gladiators organization. In short we will bring to the NDPFL, quality, integrity, accountability, respect, community activism and a great product.




Front Office & Coaches



Rick Jenkins


Chris Lynch

General Manager

Greg Gray

Head Coach

Kevin Dotson

Executive Assistant

Dayna Corona


Mike Matir


Evonne Terrence


Ronnie Rowley

Team Assistant

Aaron Louie





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